Bronze Square Pair of Door Handles with Nature motif

Bronze Square Pair of Door Handles with Nature motif

Code: 10258


W: 14.5cm (5.7")H: 14.6cm (5.7")

£1,750.00 Approx $2209.6, €2039.63

A set of two artistic Brutalist bronze door handles with textured design based on nature, which gives real personality touch to double doors. The handles are heavily textured and slightly curved, with lots of movement and depth in the design. They both have a very contrast from dark patina to high shine. The identical handles can be applied on a pair of double doors next to each other or opposite sides of a single door inside/outside. They can make cupboard doors and kitchen units look out of this world. The handle brackets are attached to the main plate by two fixings, they can be positioned in two ways, inwards outwards. The handles are fitted to the door with two long standard bolts (not supplied) suiting the thickness of the doors. The holes are 66 mm apart with diameter of 6 mm.

Sold As Set of 2

Materials and Techniques: CastBronze

Place of Origin: Europe

Period: 1970-1979