Bronze Candelabra Chandelier by Harjes

Bronze Candelabra Chandelier by Harjes

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H: 44cm (17.3")L: 177cm (69.7")Di: 34cm (13.4")

£1,250.00 Approx $1578.28, €1456.88

Bronze cast candelabra composed of five cast arms candle holder for regular candles. It is designed by Michael Harjes (1926-2006) and produced by Harjes Metalkunst workshop, a business Michael took over in the 1950's from his father an armorer and metal sculptor Friedrich Fidi Harjes (1888 - 1952). The candelabra is a 20th century modern update of bronze chandeliers of he 18th century. Six interlinking hooks, each 24 cm, create a total height of 177 cm which can be reduced by removing individual hooks.

Creator; Michael Harjes (Designer),Harjes Metallkunst 1 (Manufacturer)

Materials and Techniques; Bronze,Cast

Place of Origin; Germany

Period; 1960-1969