Group of Five Copper and Glass Pendant Lamps by Nanny Still for Raak

Group of Five Copper and Glass Pendant Lamps by Nanny Still for Raak

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W: 48cm (18.9")H: 24cm (9.4")D: 36cm (14.2")


Mid-Century Modern blue and amber pendant lamps are made from blown glass & oxidized copper. They are all unique in execution. The deep blue and amber expanded glass is blown with regularity into external patinated copper spherical or rectangular frames. The mix of metal and trapped organic glass is like a cushion squeezing through the metal frame are like air bubbles. This technique of ‘Glass trapped’ by metal dates back thousands of years, but this type of caged blown glassware lighting was a art form in Italy by the late 1700's. There craftsmen in the Venice area developed glass blends resilient and plastic enough to hold incredible detailed imprints through multiple manipulations. The lamps can be adjusted to alternating heights. They are rewired with antique gold braided flex. They are great as a mixed group arrangement or lined up on same heights over tables or kitchen isle. Designed by the Scandinavian by Nanny Still for the innovative Dutch lighting company Raak in the 1960's.

There are several pairs available in different models and colours.

Dimensions individual lamps;

Round height 15-17 cm, diameter 18 -19 cm.

Cone shape height 18-20-24 cm, diameter 11-12-14 cm.

Creator: Nanny Still (Designer),RAAK (Manufacturer)

Sold As Set of 5

Style: Mid-Century Modern (Of the Period)

Materials and Techniques: Blown Glass,Copper

Place of Origin: Netherlands

Period: 1960-1969