Minimal Brass 'Posa' Pendant Side Counter Weight by Florian Schulz

Minimal Brass 'Posa' Pendant Side Counter Weight by Florian Schulz

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W: 100cm (39.4")H: 20cm (7.9")D: 37cm (14.6")L: 100cm (39.4")Di: 37cm (14.6")

£3,250.00 Approx $4113.92, €3792.3

Counterbalance pendant 'Posa' by Florian Schulz with side weight. Strong and minimal pendant in a high quality spun and brushed brass moves smoothly up and down due to the solid brass counterweight. The brass is coated to protect from oxidization. Excellent timeless design of a very functional lamp and beautiful craftsmanship. Perfect over a long dining table or kitchen isle of side tables. Great to combine with other models we have available. Height varies from 110 - 70 cm Total width of the lamps and canape is between 70 - 90 cm We have other models by Schulz listed including single with center weight Posa, Double Posa, Keos and Onos listed.    This piece has been attributed based on archival documentation, such as vintage catalogs, designer records, or other literature sources.

Creator; Florian Schulz (Designer)

Style; Mid-Century Modern (Of the Period)

Materials and TechniquesBrass,Spun

Place of Origin; Germany