Pair of Adjustable Minimal Brass Bowed Floor Lamps

Pair of Adjustable Minimal Brass Bowed Floor Lamps

Code: 10688


W: 17cm (6.7")H: 115cm (45.3")D: 92cm (36.2")

£3,500.00 Approx $4216.87, €4069.77

A pair of brass floor lamps is attached to a long bowed arm holding a spherical bronze light source that is adjustable by a up and down movement from the vertical stand. The light source can be pivoted in a 180 degrees direction as needed; this optimizes the lamps use and flexibility. The stand is weighted at the brass and the orb keeps the lamp well balanced on the ground. Hustadt-Leuchten was established in 1962 as Walter Hustadt GmbH & Co. KG Leuchten. The light source is halogen, very good light for reading and made by Hustat Leuchten-Armsberg 1980's.

Measures: height varies from 102-152 cm. Width varies from 110-130 cm.

Creator; Hustadt Leuchten (Manufacturer)

Sold As; Set of 2