Scandinavian Teak Counter Balance Floor Lamp

Scandinavian Teak Counter Balance Floor Lamp

Code: 10930


W: 45cm (17.7")H: 180cm (70.9")D: 115cm (45.3")

£3,250.00 Approx $4113.92, €3792.3

Tall Danish Mid-Century Modern floor lamp, produced around the early 1970's. The teak frame has an adjustable arm (with a length of 120 cm) and counterbalance weight for positioning of the light source. The lamp and counterweight move in opposite directions, both away from the base or towards it and are fixed in position by the circular disk on the stem. The heavy teak foot is weighted for stability as well as the weight on the cord. The lamp is engineered with well balanced functional details. The original shade with a wool textured weave and frame are in very good vintage condition.

Two models available

Measurements: Maximum height 190 - depth 140 cm - width 45 cm

Minimum height 158 - depth 105 cm - width 44 cm Height stem-158 cm

Diameter foot 26 cm. Diameter Shade 45 cm Height Shade 20 cm