Blue Hand Blown Vases by Floris Meydam and Siem Van De Marel

Blue Hand Blown Vases by Floris Meydam and Siem Van De Marel

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W: 25cm (9.8")H: 57cm (22.4")D: 11cm (4.3")

£1,500.00 Approx $1865.67, €1752.34

Set of two blue vases by Floris Meydam and Siem van de Marel is the designer at Leerdam glass works, The Netherlands. Tall art vase with over flowing colours two colored vase, designed by Floris Meydam for Glass Factory Leerdam, 1960's. Glass maker and desginer. Born in Leerdam, Meydam became a trainee at the Leerdam Glass School in 1943, where he was appointed teacher in 1944, joining the design department at the same time. He was chief designer at Leerdam Glass Factory, Holland, from 1949-1984. He created both table and ornamental glass for large scale production.

Dimensions: Height 57 cm, Diameter 11 cm

Dark Blue vase; by Siem van de Marel Serica. Siem began working at Leerdam in 1966 and became head of the Design Department there in 1984 when Floris Meydam left in 1986, van de Marel became the only designer employed by the glass works Leerdam.

Dimensions: Height 44 cm, Diameter 9 cm

Creator; Floris Meydam (Designer),Glasfabriek Leerdam (Manufacturer)

Sold As; Set of 2

Materials and Techniques; Blown Glass

Date of Manufacture; circa 1960-1980