Crystal Vase by Moser with Gilded Frieze of warriors

Crystal Vase by Moser with Gilded Frieze of warriors

Code: 10219


H: 25cm (9.8")Di: 15cm (5.9")


Bohemian Moser cut-glass vase designed around 1930. The body of the vase is cut in a cross hatch pattern with each deep cut creating a diamond or pyramid. Around the upper middle is a cut cameo frieze, gilded in bright burnished gold. The bottom of the foot has a star shape cut. The cameo frieze shows male warriors fighting with swords and shields inspired by Greek and Indian mythology. Painting with gold or platinum belongs to the original decorations of Moser´s products. Dextrous painters apply thin threads of gold and platinum with a Fine brush not only at the rim of a glass, but also on previously engraved or sandblasted motives. For different decorations different kinds of brushes are used. Many products are decorated with “oroplastic“, a process in which ornamentation is first sandblasted into the glass and then gilded. Gilding is proceeded with 24 K gold. The final process is the hand polishing of gilded glasses, using agate or hematite stones. The brilliance the product gains after this operation points out its beauty and elegance even more. No chemical polishing is used at Moser Glassworks.

Materials and Techniques

24k Gold,Cut Glass: Place of Origin

Czech Republic:1930-1939