Four Etched Bronze Bowls by Michael Harjes Metallkunst

Four Etched Bronze Bowls by Michael Harjes Metallkunst

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W: 48cm (18.9")H: 8.5cm (3.3")D: 43cm (16.9")Di: 27cm (10.6")

£1,500.00 Approx $1893.94, €1748.25

Four hand formed and etched decorative brass bowls designed by Michael Harjes and produced by Harjes Metallkunst, Bremen, West Germany, 1950's-60's. The etched technique of decoration is performed by hand painting strong acid which cuts into the unprotected parts of a metal surface to create a design in intaglio (incised) in the bronze surface. The results are incredibly well crafted vessels, each with their own pattern of design etched into the bowls and the patina consistent with age and use adding to the expressiveness to the overall image. The pieces have a stamp manufacturer’s mark.


Diameter 27 cm-height 8.5 cm

Diameter 26 cm-height 8.5 cm

Diameter 17 cm-height 5.5 cm

Diameter 11.5 cm-height 4.5 cm.

Creator: Michael Harjes (Designer),Harjes Metallkunst 1(Manufacturer)

Sold As: Set of 4

Style: Mid-Century Modern (Of the Period)

Materials and Techniques: Brass-Etchd

Place of Origin: Germany

Period: 1950-1959