Expressive Multi Color Hand Woven Tapestry, Dutch, 1961

Expressive Multi Color Hand Woven Tapestry, Dutch, 1961

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W: 88cm (34.6")H: 140cm (55.1")D: 0.5cm (0.2")

£2,750.00 Approx $3472.22, €3212.62

Handwoven wall tapestry named 'Dragon and Anti-Dragon' by Rudolf Boorsma at atelier Paula Dietz 1961 in the Netherlands. It is a dynamic and colorful wall hanging. The composition is using abstract shapes and figures in a bright palette to create points of interest throughout. These colors and shapes draw the viewer’s attention to specific sections of the black dragon running in a vertical zig-zag formation against a mirror figure in yellow in the center of the piece. It stands in direct contrast to the bright colors in background. The composition is framed by tones of green, reminiscent of a French Gobelin tapestry from the 17th century. The art and technique of handwoven tapestry weaving has not changed significantly in thousands of years. It is a unique technique that can be adapted in a multitude of ways to the challenges of contemporary designs. Tapestries of the past have lasted for centuries and those woven today are of the same quality. They create a special focus within the space where they hang and provides a warmth to the space. The tapestry can be hung by Velcro mounted directly to the wall.

Materials and Techniques: Wool

Place of Origin: Europe

Period: 1960-1969