Landscape Painting of Cooling Towers by Sylvia Molloy

Landscape Painting of Cooling Towers by Sylvia Molloy

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W: 93cm (36.6")H: 71cm (28")D: 2cm (0.8")

£2,650.00 Approx $3354.43, €3092.18

Sylvia Molloy was a British Realist and Impressionist artist and teacher born in South Shields and attended Durham University. She spent the next few years teaching before going to Burma during the war to be married. She escaped to India when the Japanese invaded and, following the war, moved again to South Africa. Here, she became a well-known artist and ran her own art school. Molloy returned to England in the 1960s and held exhibitions at the Mall Galleries and exhibited a major work, 'Night Shift', at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1981. This painting came from the estate of the artist and show figures and landscapes from both her global travels and everyday life in Britain.

Materials and Techniques: Hand-CraftedCanvas,Wood,Paint