Portrait of Mysterious lady by Franz Cižek Czech

Portrait of Mysterious lady by Franz Cižek Czech

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W: 57cm (22.4")H: 77cm (30.3")D: 2.5cm (1")

£3,250.00 Approx $4113.92, €3792.3

Expressionist portrait of purple veiled and masked women in intense and non-naturalistic colors blue, green and red holding a yellow card in one hand and fan in the other. Oil painting on canvas made in 1946 by Czech artist Franz Cižek (signed) born in Leitmeritz 1863-Vienna 1946. This was one of his last paintings. The brushwork is free and paint application is in generous strikes The painting is well placed in a white wooden frame. There are s few tiny flakes of paint chipped off the canvas which can be professionally restored on request. The painting is ready to go. While a student, Franz lived at a family with children. He allowed them to use his art supplies and encouraged them to express themselves. He was impressed by their creativity, and showed the work to fellow artists at the university, who encouraged him to start an art school for children. The Juvenile Art Classes were free of charge to children of Vienna. His teaching encouraged imagination and free expression. Among those Cižek influenced was Swiss painter and Bauhaus leader Johannes Itten, well known for his theory of color.

Materials and Techniques: Canvas,Wood,Paint

Place of Origin: Czech Republic

Period: 1940-1949