Abstract Metal Sculpture of a Bull

Abstract Metal Sculpture of a Bull

Code: 10602


W: 4cm (1.6")H: 40cm (15.7")D: 8cm (3.1")


The forged metal sculpture of a bull's head in an abstract manner, circa 1970's. The bull is mostly known to be a symbol of stamina, stability, strength, tied to fertility, wealth, status, ancestry, and kinship, usually related, in its solar sense, the SUN, and KINGLY power. Horns are seen as the sun-bow, shooting its ray-arrows and are God to a great many ancient cultures. The Minotaur was popular with many artistes and was one of Pablo Picasso’s (25 October 1881 – 8 April 1973) most persistent obsessions.

Style Brutalist (Of the Period)

Materials and Techniques Forged Metal

Place of Origin Europe

Period 1960-1969