Ceramic Relief with Tapestry of Green Glazed Feet

Ceramic Relief with Tapestry of Green Glazed Feet

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W: 26cm (10.2")H: 23.5cm (9.3")D: 26cm (10.2")

£2,750.00 Approx $3481.01, €3208.87

'Bergos' tapestry of feet consists four ceramic tiles made into a relief with feet walking upwards from the tile squares, by Lies Gronheid, 1978. Each tile has two feet cast in ceramic and mounted on the tiles. The green glaze varies from tile to tile. The tiles can be mounted to a wall. In this surreal piece we are left wondering whether the artist is leaving or entering the tapestry. If person is leaving the tapestry are they walking skywards or beyond the universe? But if entering the tapestry where are they going to become a question of the unknown? This magic carpet like in the fairy tales is used as a transportation carrying the user to an unknown destination.

Item location; Amsterdam

Sold As: Set of 4

Materials and Techniques: Hand-CraftedCeramic

Place of Origin: The Netherlands

Date of Manufacture: 1978

Condition: The tiles show irregularities in the glaze from firing that have no structural effect.