Group at a Gathering Bronze Sculpture

Group at a Gathering Bronze Sculpture

Code: 10547


W: 6cm (2.4")H: 9cm (3.5")


A small bronze sculpture of a group of people standing congregated in a meeting on a clear acrylic pedestal. This abstract figurative gathering is clearly of an assembled collective in a circle sharing information, discussing, and contemplating the possibilities, past, present or future. It is a public meeting held to engage an audience in information sharing and discussion, used to increase awareness of an issue, a starting point for, or an ongoing means of engaging. There is a kind of a relationship between the space, this three-dimensional group amassing to question the very nature of meaning.

Dimensions: Height: 3.55 in. (9 cm)Diameter: 2.37 in. (6 cm)

Materials and Techniques: Acrylic,Bronze

Place of Origin: Europe

Period: 1980-1989