Wood Carved Abstract Bust Sculpture

Wood Carved Abstract Bust Sculpture

Code: 10565


W: 13cm (5.1")H: 14cm (5.5")D: 7cm (2.8")


Abstracted bust hand carved in dark hardwood with a hole sits on a black granite base, 1970's. The abstract form of human representation breaks away from the idea of traditional form of the physical in the world of the real. It explores the relationship of the form in space and our relationship to sculpture as the viewer. We assume the head is looking away. There is no heart or stomach but sets a view through the body of the figure. The hole is like a window to the other side, the other world. This intriguing sculpture poses many questions unanswered and we supposes sometimes answered. Artist like Jean Arp (1886-1966) and Pablo Picasso’s (1881-19730 cubist sculptures allowed our eye to play with geometrical forms the distortion of the surface, freeing up our notion of reality.

Style: Mid-Century Modern (Of the Period)

Materials and Techniques: Granite,Hardwood,

Place of Origin: Europe

Period: 1970-1979