Pair of Gold and Ceramic Table Lamps by Bitossi, Italy

Pair of Gold and Ceramic Table Lamps by Bitossi, Italy

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H: 39cm (15.4")Di: 13cm (5.1")

£1,950.00 Approx $2468.35, €2275.38

The cylinder shape table lamps where produced in stoneware with a natural glaze. The border at the neck is gilded, the band of shiny gold emphasis the rough texture of the ceramic body.
Guido Bitossi established his own ceramic workshop near Florence, in Montelupo, in 1921. Originally the works was named (Ceramaic Manufactory Guido Bitossi & Sons), the company name was later shortened to Bitossi Ceramiche.
After World War II, master ceramist Aldo Londi (1911-2003) was appointed creative director of Bitossi Ceramiche, he held that position for more than fifty years. During which time he was the creator of designs for vases, jugs, animals, candle stick holders and other objects. Where he experiment with textures, surface reliefs, glazes and in the process created new ceramics.
Multiple pairs are available in perfect condition.

New wiring in gold braided flex to British Standard and European small bayonet cap bulbs, ready for immediate use.

Dimensions are of the bases only, without the shades D 13 cm, H 39 cm
Dimensions shades in photo D 35, H 25 cm