Aldo Tura Parchment Side Table on Chrome Legs

Aldo Tura Parchment Side Table on Chrome Legs

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W: 55cm (21.7")H: 60cm (23.6")D: 55cm (21.7")

£950.00 Approx $1199.49, €1107.23

Simple and classical in its design this coffee table by Aldo Tura (1909-1963) sends the twist with the introduction of parchment on the tray of the table. The collection of colors in this parchment from walnut, mocha, peanut to cinnamon browns swirling through the surface of its layer. The table top is contrasted with it chrome surface of the legs and its patterned markings. Tura would use a range of unique materials such as eggshells, parchment, goatskin and wood veneers in his creations. His objects, often dyed or stained in the colors red, green, brown and yellow Little is known about the life of the Italian designer Aldo Tura. Tura founded his furniture production house in Lombardy in 1939. He had been experimenting with furniture and handcrafting tables, cupboards and lamps since the 1930's.

Creator: Aldo Tura (Designer)

Materials and Techniques: Chrome,Goatskin,Wood

Place of Origin: Italy