Amber Glass Console Table by Cristal Arte Italy 1970's

Amber Glass Console Table by Cristal Arte Italy 1970's

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W: 160cm (63")H: 71cm (28")D: 60cm (23.6")

£3,500.00 Approx $4430.38, €4088.79

Sculptural pair hand beveled amber glass pedestals are the base for a large glass console / dining table or desk by Crystal Arte. The two bases are constructed from nine 15 mm thick rectangular shaped glass plates layered behind each other and spaced by brass spacers emitting different shades of light. The console top rests on the bases and measures 120x60 cm. The top has been replaced. Originally the top would be in the same amber glass with bevelled edges. Optional the top can be replaced by a larger dining tabletop tinted or clear. Also it is possible to display the two single pedestals as two consoles with individual glass tops.

Each base measures: Width 44 cm/ 20 inch Depth 51 cm/ 17 1/4 inch.

Style: Mid-Century Modern (Of the Period)

Materials and Techniques: Brass,Glass

Place of Origin: Italy 1970's