Round & Oval Dining Table with Glas and Black Top by Mario Mazzer

Round & Oval Dining Table with Glas and Black Top by Mario Mazzer

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W: 170cm (66.9")H: 76cm (29.9")D: 130cm (51.2")

£7,500.00 Approx $9493.67, €8761.68

Sculptural dining table revolves in two positions from oval to round. This most exciting table is made with high quality materials and engineering, avantgarde design typical from the 1980's. When the black lacquered moon shape part of the table top is moved down and turned under glass table top the table becomes round and compact. When extended the black section lifts up to the glass level and the table becomes oval, 130 x 170 cm. The foot is in dark polished Stainless Steel. The marble look resin base is weighted. Designed and patented by architect Mario Mazzer for Italian company Zanette, in production 1985 - 1992.  Mario Mazzer was born in 1955. He graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano in 1978 and qualified as an industrial designer in 1979. He worked with leading figures in Italian design.

Diameter of the round glass top is 130 cm. When the black extension is swiveled out and lifted to the same level the table and extends to a width of 170 cm while the depth remains 130 cm. For transport the glass table top will be dismantled. The base stays in one piece.

Materials and Techniques: Resin,WoodStainless S teelGlass

Place of Origin; Italy

Date of Manufacture: 1985-1992