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Set of Mosaic Coffee Tables by Paul Kingma, Kneip 1989

£3,500.00 Approx $4430.38, €4088.79

Code: 10196


W: 60cm (23.6")H: 46cm (18.1")D: 180cm (70.9")

Set of three nesting natural stone mosaic side tables on alternating heights. The tables are inlaid with unpolished textural stone in earth colors and pieces of brass and copper. These extraordinary sculptural tables are square 60 x 60 cm tables with rounded corners are on three different heights; 35-39-46 cm so that one fits partly under the other like a nest. Designed by the Dutch sculptor, mosaic artist and painter Paul Kingma, The Hague 1913-2003 and manufactured by Kneip 1998. The heavy weighted tops fit loosely in to wooden bases and are separated for shipping.

Sold As: Set of 3

Materials and Techniques: Hand-CraftedBrass,Hand-CraftedSlate,Copper,Limestone,Wood

Place of Origin: Germany

Period: 1980-1989