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Pair of Chinese Qilin 20th Century in Sancai Glazed Ceramic

Code: 10566


W: 26cm (10.2")H: 30cm (11.8")D: 20cm (7.9")

Pair of Qilin 20th century Chinese figures, sancai glazed ceramic. Sancai is a vibrant Chinese slip glaze in predominantly three colours aubergine, amber, green, and white. The Qilin is said to have an equine-like body. Thus, the Qilin may have the body of a deer, or an ox, or a horse. The body of the Qilin is also covered with the scales of a fish, and is often enveloped in fire. Its head is like that of the Chinese dragon. Qilin represents auspiciousness with functions of protecting houses, warding off an evil influence and bringing improvement in wealth. In Feng Shui, Qilin symbolizes long life, celebration, magnificence, joy, wisdom. Its terrifying looks are opposite to its gentle, kind, and benevolent meaning. The pair of Qilin carries a mystical good omen.

Sold As Set of 2

Materials and Techniques Ceramic,

Place of Origin China

Period Mid-20th Century