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Five Arm Bronze Adjustable Candelabra Chandelier by Harjes

£950.00 Approx $1164.22, €1105.94

Code: 10596


H: 34cm (13.4")Di: 24cm (9.4")

Bronze cast candelabra composed of five radiating cast-bronze arms with saucer shaped candle holders. It is designed by Michael Harjes (1926-2006) and produced by Harjes Metalkunst (1912), the family business in Germany. The candle holder is in excellent condition with a deep gold tone patina. The sculptural quality of the form is enhanced by the bronze surface texture of the structure.

Creator: Harjes Metallkunst 1(Manufacturer),Michael Harjes (Designer)

Materials and Techniques Bronze,Cast

Place of Origin Germany

Period 1960-1969