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Group of Abstract Aerodynamic 1970's Bronze Sculptures

£7,500.00 Approx $9191.18, €8731.08

Code: 10759


W: 38cm (15")H: 56cm (22")D: 20cm (7.9")

Three abstract cast bronze sculptures stands proud in take-off to create the lift for an upward jump, a generated airflow in take-off and a pedestal suggesting birds in-flight. These sculptures are aerodynamic design creating a dynamism of the imagined conquering of space.

All three sculptures are by an unknown artist.

Individual dimensions; Height 64 cm, Width 12 cm, Depth 10 cm

Height 56 cm, Width 25 cm, Depth 8 cm

Height 20 cm, Width 17 cm, Depth 5 cm

They are also available as individual sculptures.

Materials and Techniques; Bronze cast,Travertine,Wood

Place of Origin; Netherlands

Period; 1970-1979